Stenaline "Partyman" - Pyrotechnic Backpack (2007. Paradox Reklame/DDB, director Lasse Gretland)
The labeling on the side of most stage & show pyrotechnics specifies a minimum safe distance of at least two metres, and often more. So when we were asked to strap as many as we could to the back of an actor and then set them off, even we paused for thought!
However, Elektrik Effekts are not ones to shirk from a challenge, and so we left nothing to chance, testing extensively and refining the design until it was right (and safe).
So in the end the agency and director got what they wanted. Anything is possible! Isn't that what special effects is supposed to be about?
Stenaline pyrotechnic backpack Stenaline pyrotechnic backpack Stenaline - partyman Emil
(Above left.) The backpack under construction. (Above right.)"Partyman" Emil.
This project is a great example of crossing certain lines to get the effect required. But with thorough preparation and testing it shows what's possible.
An extremely satisfying and "fun" commercial to work on right from the start. A pleasure to be given a free hand and design/build what we thought would work.
Many thanks to Lasse, Gry, Eva and all at Paradox. Plus a special thank you to "Partyman" Emil for trusting us with what we put on his back!
(Left.) The test movies. We wouldn't ask anybody to do something we weren't willing to do ourselves...
(Below left.) The final adverts.