Statkraft "Plakat" (2007. Magic 8/Try Reklamebyrå, director Anders Skog.)
Paper puppeteering & special effects.
The script called for a piece of paper to travel through some of Norway's most wild and beautiful scenery as it takes its message of clean power to the city.
The original intention was to use computer graphics, but the Elektrik Effekts policy of thorough planning and testing gave Anders the confidence that much could be done "in camera".
This was our first job for 2007 and a great opportunity to combine our experience of special effects with Rick's personal background in puppeteering.
The final job including puppeteering the piece of paper off a telegraph pole, through various different environments, and making it float on water.
Many thanks to Knut Jensen at Magic 8 and Martin Gant for the recommendation.
Footnote: We were asked to do the follow up commercial shot in the UK at the end of August for Trøbble Film but sadly had to decline as the arrival of our son Louis demanded our attention!