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Just to produce animated props on a project like this would be a thrill in itself, but the icing on the cake was to then have direct access to Steven Spielberg for design approval!
Rick first became involved with a commission from The Glue Factory to deliver and operate a fully remote control brass construction digger the size of a shoe box for one of the meal sequences of the film.
On arrival in Budapest it was immediately dismissed as beautifully made but unsuitable for the sequence, and Rick was asked to rethink the design and come up with alternatives there and then.
A late night in a workshop and a great simplification of the crane so that it could be put directly into the actor's hands solved the problem.
From this Rick was asked to design and build the "man on a wire" special prop and produce more with the team at The Glue Factory back in London.
Thanks to prop master John Bush and Derek at The Glue Factory in the UK.
Animated props Animated props Animated props Animated props
(Above.) The "man on a wire" mechanism. (Below.) A montage of clips showing how the props appeared in the final film.